• We are climate-neutral

    abcPremium is CLIMATE-NEUTRAL

    PROJECT TOGO - climate Protection

    Our products, like the complete operation of our webshops, are climate-neutral. We support the environmental goals of the UN to exert no influence on the climate through production and consumption. Climate-neutral are products, services or companies if, after the determination of the CO2 balance, the emissions are offset. Many companies have firmly anchored the goal of carbon neutrality in their environmental guidelines as the most effective response to climate change.

    We take responsibility for our environment and support the "Project Togo" with our partner natureOffice . Through the natural forest afforestation in Togo, we voluntarily compensate for the amount of CO2 that results from the production of our products and the operation of the webshop.

  • Dschungel

    PROJECT TOGO is REAL climate protection with a ROLE MODEL FUNCTION

    "Afforestation projects are the key to promoting 12 of the 17 sustainability goals of the world community in the framework of the 2030 Agenda in Africa."
    Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. F.J. Radermacher

  • Project Togo

    Our carbon offset project fullfills
    12 of 17 GLOBAL GOALS of UN AGENDA 2030

    AFRICA deserves our

    The PROJECT TOGO natural forest afforestation project stands for certified CO2-binding and is certified by experts from science and civil society accompanied.

    Thanks to consistent transparency, it becomes apparent how fertile ecology and economy can work together and how the development of a region can be improved.

  • SAP Pen Biotic

    SAP Kugelschreiber Biotic


    Refillable twist ball pen made of bioplastic (PLA) with high-quality Floating BallĀ® jumbo refills. The body surface and mechanism are made of renewable raw materials in line with EN 13432. Including the refill and spring, this results in a pen that is 75% compostable overall.